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General Rules


Art.1º - The SAUÍPE FEST DE VÔLEI MASTER INTERNACIONAL 2021 (2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS) aims to socially integrate participants and their guests through the healthy practice of sport, democratizing and promoting the pastime, tourism, and the Volleyball Masters.



The event will be held from December 7-12, 2021, at Sauípe Resorts, located at Rodovia BA 099, Km 76, s/n - Linha Verde, Mata de São João, Bahia – Brazil.



Art.2º - 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS will be promoted, carried out, coordinated, and organized by Associação Desportiva Vôlei Mãozinha – ADVM3, located at Rua Ministro Thompson Flores, 47, Horto Florestal, São Paulo, in partnership with Primordial Operadora e Turismo Ltda. (Official Event Operator), who is located at Av. São Luiz, 112 - Conj. 1601 - República, São Paulo – Brasil.



Art.3º - Event participants may be athletes from clubs, companies, associations, or groups of friends teamed-up for this purpose or from associations of countries that maintain diplomatic relations with Brazil, authorized and accepted by the event’s organizing body.



Art.4º - The 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS games will be played between male and female teams as follows:


Female: 6x6 teams - Categories: 30+, 40+, 50+, and 58+

Male: 4x4 teams - Categories: 30+, 40+, 50+, and 60+


Obs. The 60+ Male category will be by average age with a mandatory sum of the team member’s ages on the court in each set of at least 255 years.




30+: Athletes 30 and over, born until 1991;

40+: Athletes 40 and over, born until 1981;

50+: Athletes 50 and over, born until 1971;

58+: Athletes 58 and over, born until 1963.




30+: Athletes 30 and over, born until 1991;

40+: Athletes 40 and over, born until 1981;

50+: Athletes 50 and over, born until 1971;

60+: Athletes 60 and over, born until 1961.




Art.5º - Teams must register using the specific form available on the The team’s registration will be accepted and effective from the moment we have proof of receipt of the event registration form and payment of the athletes’ package.


There is no registration fee per team.


Application deadline: 8/31/2021 or until all category vacancies are filled.


Participation in the 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS is EXCLUSIVE to athletes, friends, and family who obtained “grounds packages” through the event’s Official Operator: PRIMORDIAL OPERADORA E TURISMO LTDA. The Vacation Club is not eligible for participation in the event. 

Prices and information are available on the event’s official website:

Women’s teams must register with a minimum of nine and a maximum of twelve athletes. If necessary, teams may include a maximum of two “flex” athletes on their official line-up sheet from the above categories registered by the same or another Association. These “flex” players must be highlighted in bold and italics on the team’s official line-up. Each athlete is allowed to participate in a maximum of two categories.

Men’s teams must register with a minimum of five and a maximum of seven athletes. Each athlete is allowed to participate in only one category.

Obs. Younger athletes are not allowed to play in any of the older categories. (No “exceptions”)

Art.6º - It will be mandatory to provide official identification before the start of every game.  Only original documents or authenticated photocopies of a Brazilian National I.D. Card (RG), Brazilian Driver’s License (CNH), valid forms of I.D. from State and Federal Councils, or a Passport will be accepted, be it the physical document or digital document presented on a cell phone.


Paragraph 1 - The final team line-up sheet (team registration form) must be delivered to the event organization by Sept. 30, 2021. From Oct. 1, 2021, until the start of the 1st game of the competition on Dec. 07, 2021, any change to the team line-up sheet, adding or substituting names, will be charged a 150 BRL fee per change.


Paragraph 2 - Athletes who fail to comply with the provisions of items V and VI will be barred from participating in the tournament, with no refunds on registration fees and no participation in the event.



Art.7º - Tournament Games - The female 6x6 teams will play on a 18X9m sand court, and the male 4x4 teams on sand court in an internal area of Sauípe Resorts.


Art.8º - The games will observe the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) international volleyball rules, the rules contained in these regulations, and the official decisions made at the Technical Conference of the competition. Technical Provisions for the men’s 4x4 games are attached to these regulations.


Art.9º - The height of the net, will be as follows:



2.24m - Categories: 30+ and 40+

2.20m - Categories: 50+:

2.15m - Category: 58+:



2.43m - Category:  30+ and 40+

2.40m - Categories: 50+:

2.38m - Category: 60+:


Art.10º - The MIKASA VLS 300 will be the official tournament ball.


Art.11º - The matches will be played using the rally points system in sets of the “best” of three, with the 1st and 2nd sets obligated to end at 25 points, not needing a 2-point difference between the teams.  The 3rd game will be to 15 points, not needing a 2-point difference between the teams and with a change of court on the 8th point.


Art.12º - The teams must arrive for the games in uniform, with shorts/Bermudas, shirt (or top), and each player must be identified by a different number (from 01 to 99), visibly identified on the front and back of the team uniform.


Art.13º - The women’s teams can register for the game as groups with a maximum of 12 athletes. Up to two liberos may be listed among the twelve.


Men’s teams can register for the game as groups with a maximum of seven athletes.


Art.14º - Women athletes in the libero position must be indicated before the start of each set. Liberos must wear uniforms contrasting with the others; they cannot be captains; they can serve, and they can stop being liberos from one set to another.


Art.15º - Women’s teams will be allowed up to twelve substitutions per set, respecting the FIVB substitution rule.


Male teams will be allowed six free substitutions during each set.


Art.16º - Each team will be entitled to two requests for 30-second rests per set.


Art.17º - The number of victories will determine rankings.


Art.18º - In cases of ties in the number of victories, rankings will be based on:

  1. Ranking by points

  2. Direct confrontation

  3. Set balance

  4. Drawing


2-0 win = 3 points

2-1 win = 2 points

1-2 defeats = 1 point                  

0-2 defeats = 0 points

Defeat by WO = - 1 point


Art.19º - The tolerance criteria for delaying the start of matches will follow the paragraphs below:


Paragraph 1 - 18-minute tolerance for the 1st set; the opposing team is awarded one point for each minute the delayed team is late. The match starts when the delayed team arrives on the court (ready-to-play) with the points on the scoreboard according to the minutes of their delay. If at the end of the 15-minute delay, the delayed team does not present itself ready-to-play, it will lose the 1st set by 25x0. The delayed team will begin the 2nd set of the match, losing with the set-score of 1x0.


Paragraph 2 - After 15 minutes have elapsed, an additional three minutes is respected between the 1st and the 2nd set. If the team fails to appear, it will be considered a loser by WO.


Paragraph 3 - In the women’s category, any team that arrives to play with less than six players and/or abandons the game will be considered a loser by WO.


In the men’s category, any team that arrives to play with less than four players and/or abandons the game will be considered a loser by WO.


Paragraph 4 - Any two women’s teams that arrive to play with less than six players will both be considered losers by WO.


Any two men’s teams are that arrive to play with less than four players will both be considered losers by WO.


Paragraph 5 - A fine of 500.00 BRL will be charged to the person in charge of the team that fails to arrive for the match (WO).


Paragraph 6 - Any team that fails to appear in two games will be eliminated from the competition and must pay the WO fines.


Art.20º - The team’s line-up sheet of those participating in the game and identification documents must be delivered to the scorer of the match ten minutes before game time.


Art.21º - Only players with credentials and proper identification verified by the team of referees may remain in the match.

Sole paragraph: The person listed as the technician on the team’s line-up sheet must be a Physical Education professional and have an updated CREF record; all teams must observe this legal provision.


Art.22º - After filling in the team’s line-up sheet, observing the list of athletes and members of the bench, no modifications will be allowed.


Art.23º - In the event of inclement weather, the following procedures will be adopted:


Paragraph 1 - Impossibility to start the match: After the organization verifies it is impossible to carry out the match, ranking criteria will be: the two teams will be considered winners using the lowest score, 2-1 win = 2 points (25x24 / 24x25 / 15x14).


Paragraph 2 - In-progress match interrupted: The organization will assess whether or not there will be conditions favorable for play. If there is some risk to the athletes’ physical integrity determined and/or lack of ideal conditions for the continuation of the game, the match will be immediately interrupted. The ranking criteria will be: in any set (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) of the game, the team ahead on the scoreboard by a 2-1 victory = 2 points (25x24 / 24x25 / 15x14) is considered the winner by the lowest score.




Art.24º - The Tournament will be developed based on the number of teams registered in each category.



Art.25º - The dispute system, the general games schedule, and other event provisions will be presented at the Technical Conference to be held online at 6:00 pm on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, and must have a participant (maximum of 2 representatives) from each team.



Art.26º - Trophies will be awarded to the tournament champions (1st place), 2nd place, and 3rd place teams.


Art.27º - Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to athletes from the championship (1st place), 2nd place, and 3rd place teams. All other athletes will receive participation medals.


Art.28º - One (1) “outstanding athlete” of each match will receive an award.




Art.29º - The Official Opening Ceremony of the event will be held in the Games Arena on Dec. 7, 2021, at 9:30 pm.

All athletes registered in the event must participate.




Art.30º - Exclusive competition referees will officiate all Tournament matches.


Sole paragraph - The referee will be the highest authority within the playing court.  Your technical interpretations will not be recognized.




Art.31º - In case of any transgression during the Tournament, the person in charge of the team must send a written report to the Organizing Committee by 9:00 pm of the day on which the motivating event occurred.


Art.32º - If necessary, a Competition Disciplinary Justice Commission will be constituted to judge transgressions and reports.


Art.33º - Any athlete will be automatically eliminated from a team if they do not meet (intentionally or unintentionally) the category criteria.


Art.34º - Any team eliminated from the competition will have all their obtained results annulled.


Art.35º - It will be mandatory for all participants of the 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS (athletes, coaching staff, and fans), be respectful and act in “Fair Play.” Acts and actions contrary to this are prohibited. Those failing to comply will suffer sanctions, such as withdrawal from the Games Arena up to being expelled from the event without the right to reimbursement of amounts invested, as decided by the Organizing Committee.


Art.36º - Upon entering the 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS, all competition participants (athletes, coaching staff, and fans) authorize the right to capture and use their image at no charge spontaneously and definitively for retrospective actions, dissemination, and promotion of the event; and sending mailings from sponsors and event organizers.


Art.37º - All competition participants (athletes, coaching staff, and fans) decide to participate in the event by free and spontaneous will, assume responsibility for their data provided, are aware of their state of health and physical fitness to participate in the Tournament, and wholly accept the General Regulations. There will be a medical post for free care for athletes with an ambulance to transport them to the hospital in case of medical emergency during hours of play in the Games Arena. The Tournament Organization will not be responsible for accidents that occurred before, during, or after the games and is not responsible for any medical expenses that the participant may have inside the Resort or in the region’s hospitals. 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS participants may optionally purchase Sauípe Resorts Outpatient Coverage and/or contract travel insurance.


Art.38º - It is strictly forbidden to sell any product or service within the Complex, per Sauípe Resort’s internal policy.


Art.39º - Upon entering the 2021 SAUÍPE FEST INTERNATIONAL VOLLEYBALL MASTERS, all competition participants (athletes, coaching staff, and fans) will be considered knowledgeable of this regulation and must follow and respect it. Those who come to violate any of its legal devices will be punished.



Art.40º - The General Organization of the event will resolve the cases omitted in this Regulation and in the other rules that govern the Tournament: Prof. Luiz Henrique Augusto, Professor Fábio Trevisani, and Cleide Sumaris.   

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