Rules Generales

I – Goals:

Art. 1º The “II INTERNATIONAL VOLLEY MASTER SAUÍPE FEST 2019” aims to social integration among the participants and their guests though the healthy practice of sport, democratizing and promoting volleyball master, leisure and tourism.


II – Location And Date:

The event will be held from 05th to 10th of November of 2019 at Sauípe Resort, located on Rodovia BA 099, km 76, Mata de São João, Bahia – Brazil.


III-  Promotion and Organization:

Art.2º The “II INTERNATIONAL VOLLEY MASTER SAUÍPE FEST 2019” will be promoted, directed, coordinated and organized by the Sports Association Maozinha Volleyball – ADVM3, located on Ministro Thompson Flores street, 47, Horto Florestal, São Paulo, in partnership with Primodial Operadora e Turismo LTDA (oficial carrier of the event), situated on São Luiz Avenue, 112 – conjunto 1601 – República, São Paulo – Brazil.


IV- The Participation:

Art.3º May participate in the event, athletes from clubs, companies, associations or groups of friends made up for this purpose, and of associations of other countries which maintains diplomatic relation with Brazil, with authorization and acceptance of the Organization of the event.


V- Teams and Categories:

 Art. 4º The “II INTERNATIONAL VOLLEY MASTER SAUÍPE FEST 2019”, games will be played between men and women teams, so discriminated:

Women: teams 6x6 – categories: 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+ and 60+.

Men: teams 4x4 – categories: 40+, 50+ and 60+.



30 +: athletes aged from 30 years, born until the year of 1989;

40 +: athletes aged from 40 years, born until the year of 1979;

45 +: athletes aged from 45 years, born until the year of 1974;

50 +: athletes aged from 50 years, born until the year of 1969;

55 +: athletes aged from 55 years, born until the year of 1964;

60 +: athletes aged from 60 years, born until the year of 1959;



40 +: athletes aged from 40 years, born until the year of 1979;

50 +: athletes aged from 50 years, born until the year of 1969;

60 +: athletes aged from 60 years, born until the year of 1959;


Single paragraph:

May not participate in the event athletes “federated” in 20189 and 2019, in the categories below:

Women: 30+ and 40+;

Men: 40+.


VI- Registration:

Art. 5º Registrations of the teams must made on forms for this purpose, available on the website The inscription of the teams will be accepted from the moment of the confirmation and sending of payment to the organization of the event. The value of membership by category are 4X R$ 400 (act of 30, 60 and 90 days). Deadline of registration 15/05/2019 or until the end of vacancies.


Art. 6º In the women teams must register minimum 9 and maximum of 12 athletes.

Art. 7º In the men teams must register minimum 5 and maximum 7 athletes.


Single paragraph:

Relating to the 6º and 7º article, the teams enrolled in more than 1 category, if necessary, may include only 1 athlete of categories above, in the nominal team official relationship as long as its membership is from the same party, club or team.


Art. 8º Only original documents or an authenticated by an office copy I.D/Drivers Registration will be accepted as well as functional Portfolios of State and Federal councils and passports.


Paragraph 1º:

The final Nominal (registration certificate), must be delivered to the Organization of the event until 15/05/2019. From 16/05/2019 until the beginning of the 1º game of the competition (06/11/2019) any changes in the relation including or substituting names, will be charged a fee of R$150 per change.


Paragraph 2º:

The participation in the II International Volley Master Sauípe Fest 2019 is exclusive for athletes, friends, and family who made the reservation of terrestrial packages through the official (carrier of the event: Primodial) are available on the website


Paragraph 3º:

The athlete who doesn’t abide by the articles V and VI will be prevented from participating in the tournament, no refund of the registration and participation of the event.



VI- Technical Provissions:


Art. 9º The tournaments games will be played on and courts built in an internal area of the Sauípe Resorts

Art. 10º The rules of the game, will be the adopted by the leader of the International Volleyball FIVB, plus the rules contained in this regulation and decisions formalized at the Technical Conference of the competition.

Art. 11º The height of the net, will be as described:


- 30+, 35+, 40+ and 45+ categories –  de 2,24m;

- 50+ and 55+ categories –  2,20m;

- 60+ categories –  2,15m.



- 40+ categories – 2,43m;

- 50+ categories – 2,40m;

- 60+ categories –  2,35m.


Art. 12º The official ball of the tournament will be the Mikasa VLS 300.



Single Paragraph:

The Organization will offer the balls for the matches. The teams must take balls for warm ups.

Art. 13º The matches will be played in the system of the points for the rally in “best” of 3 sets of 25 point, with 1º and 2º sets will end in 25 mandatory points, not going on z-point difference between teams. The 3º set ends mandatory in 15 points not going on 2-point difference between the teams, with court-side exchange in 8º point.


Art. 14º Teams must present themselves in uniforms for the game, with the same t-shirts (or top) and shorts, and each player will be identified by a different number (from 01 to 99), identified in the front and the back of the uniform so it is visible.


Art. 15º Women teams, may sign up on the scoresheet for the game at the most 12 athletes. And may be related, among the 12, up to 2 (two) sweepers.


Art. 16º The men teams, may sign up on the scoresheet for the game, maximum 7 athletes.


Art. 17º In the women, the athletes who are in the position of sweeper must be indicated before in the start of each set. The sweepers should wear a uniform in contrast to the other; may not be the captain, may serve the ball and may no longer be a sweeper from a set to the other.


Art. 18º In the women teams, it’s allowed until 6 substitutions by set, respecting the rule of substitution of the FIBV (International Volleyball Federation).


Art. 19º Each team, is entitled to 2 requests of break time of 30’’ per set.


Art. 20º The criterion for classification purposes, will be the number of victories.


Art. 21º In the event of a draw for number of victories between two or more teams, for classification purposes, will be adopted in the following criterion:


  1. Classification by points;

  2. Direct confrontation;

  3. Balance of sets;

  4. Raffle.


Victory of 2x0= 3 points;

Victory of 2x1= 2 points;

Defeat of 1x2= 1 point;

Defeat of 0x2= 0 point;

Defeat of WO=-1 point.


Art. 22º The criterion for tolerance for delay of the start of the matches will be according to the subsection below:


Paragraph 1º - Tolerance of 18mins for 1º set, and to the delayed team, every minute of delay computes 1 point to the opponent team. The instant that the team delays, it is presented in the Court (immediate conditions of the game), starts the game with points on the board according to the minutes of delay of the team. If at the end of the 15 minutes delay, the delayed team doesn’t perform in the of the same game, you will lose 1º set of 25x0. When you start the 2° set of the match, the delayed team will be losing the game by a score of 1x0.


Paragraph 2º After 15 minutes of game play, respecting a 3 minutes break between the 1º and 2º set. If the team doesn’t appear, it will be considered a defeat by WO (win out).


Paragraph 3º It will be considered a defeat by WO to the team that gets introduced to play under 06 (six) players and/or abandon the match.


Paragraph 4º If two teams are presented with less than 6 players, both will be considered defeated by WO (win out).


Paragraph 5º It will be charged a fine of R$500,00 of the responsible of the team that doesn’t show up to the game (win out).


Paragraph 6º The team who fails to appear in 2 (games) will be eliminated from the competition and should pay fires related to WO (win out).


Art. 23º The athletes who will participate in nominal of the game, as well as identification documents, must be delivered to the scorer of the matched before the game schedule.


Art. 24º May only remain in the enclosure of the match people accredited and identified by the team of arbitration.


Single Paragraph

The professional identified in the relation to the Nominal team, as coach, you should be a Physical Education Professional and have updated record of ID and the responsible for the team to note this legal device.


Art. 25º After filling out the summary, in accordance with the ratio of athletes and members of the bank, no modifications of any sort will be allowed.


Art. 26º In case of bad weather, the following procedure will take place.

Paragraph 1º - Inability to start the game: After the impossibility of the realization of the match the criterion adopted for the purpose of classification, both teams will be considered winners by the smallest score, victory of 2x1=2 points (25x24 / 24x25 / 15x14).


Art. 27º All athletes and companions when they choose to participate by their own free will in the game, assume responsibility for your date provided, being aware at your health and physical fitness to participate in the tournament, accepting the General Regulation in its entirety. The tournament Organization shall not be liable for accidents occurring before, during or after the games and has no responsibility for any medical expenses that the participant may have during the event. The participants of the II International Volley Master Sauípe Fest 2019 will have the right to the cut patient services of Sauípe Resorts.


Single Paragraph

In the annex are the other technical provisions for males


VIII – The Dispute System:

Art. 28º The tournament will be developed according to the number of teams registered in each category.


IX – Technical Congress:

Art. 29º The dispute system, the general table of games and other provisions of the event, it will be presented in the Technical Congress to be held on the 15/11/2019 at 18h in room Bahia 1, must necessarily have the participation of 1 and at most 2 representatives of each team.


X – The Prize:

Art. 30º The Champion team will be awarded with trophies, the runner-up and 3º placed in each category.


Art. 31º The athletes who became Champion will be awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals, runner-up and 3rd place as well. All other athletes classified in 4th places, will receive medals of honor to merit.


Art. 32º 1º “athletes highlights” of the respective categories will be awarded.


XI – Opening Ceremony

Art. 33º The official Opening Ceremony of the event will be held on 05/11/2019, at 21h in the room Bahia 1. Participation of all athletes enrolled in the event is mandatory.


XII – Arbitration:

Art. 34º All the matches of the tournament will be run by exclusive competition referees.

The referee shall be the maximum authority within the playing court. Technical interpretations will not be considered if not from the referee.


Art. 35º The rapporteur ships should be sent, in writing, to the organizing committee by zip on the respective day to which the motivating event occurred.


Art. 36º If necessary, a commission of disserting justice will be constituted, in the case of transgressions and reports.


XIII – Justice and Discipline:

Art. 37º The team that includes irregular or by bad Faith athletes out of the category, the athlete will be automatically eliminated from that team.


Art. 38º   If there is an elimination of a team of the competition, will be annulled all their results obtained.


Art. 39º All participants in this competition (players, coaches, directors, companions, etc.), will considered knowledgeable of this regulation, having to respect it and punishable to those who will transgress it in any of its legal provisions.


XIII – General Provisions:

Art. 40º The cases not covered by these Regulations and other rules governing the tournament will be resolved by the General Organization of the event:


                     Teacher Luiz Henrique Augusto, Teacher Fábio Trevisani and Cleide Sumaris.

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