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Technical Provisions – Male 4 x 4

1. There are no set positions on the court, but the serving order must be maintained during the match.

2. Six (6) free substitutions will be allowed during each set.

3. Only one serve is allowed. No further serving attempts are permitted.

4. The serving team players must not screen the opponents from seeing the server or the trajectory of the ball. They must move laterally or bend down at the opponent’s request.

5. Blocking-contact is not considered a team touch (identical to indoor volleyball and different from beach doubles).

6. Simultaneous contact between opponents over the net that results in a trapped ball is not considered a fault.

7. A player cannot complete an attack using an open hand “grasp” by directing the ball with the fingertips.

8. A player can complete an attack by touching the ball without respecting the trajectory perpendicular to the shoulder line.

9. In the 1st ball served from the opponent’s court, “double contact” is allowed in the first action in any situation, as long as performed in one single action. (identical to indoor volleyball and different from beach volleyball).

10. There is no attack line. Players can attack or block from any part of the playing area.

11. There is no central line. Players can enter the opponent’s space, court, and/or free zone, as long as it does not interfere with the opponent’s actions.

12. It is forbidden to touch any part of the net or the antenna, except for accidental contact with the hair.

13. Each team will be entitled to two 30-second rests per set.

14. Teams will play one set on each side of the court. In the tiebreaker, the teams will change courts on the 8th point (identical to indoor volleyball).

Event General Organization: Prof. Luiz Henrique Augusto, Prof. Fábio Trevisani, and Cleide Sumaris.  

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